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We respect our special ties and good relationships with you.

We established our company as a manufacturer of automotive electrical components associated in 1938. We have grown up as a specialized trading company which sells the electrical equipment parts for diesel engine with the development of the Japanese automobile industry to expand the range of sales such as many kind of electrical equipment parts, the air condition parts, many kinds of accessories, and various testers for automobile since 1950. Moreover, development and marketing of the business-use personal computer system " DENKIYASAN " which is support a customer's work.

At the present, we enhance sales networks such as branches and the sales offices to meet customer's needs, and make an effort in the system strengthening and it try to make an effort to the achievement of a fine distribution service. And also our company is working and expanding on the completely new business field like manufacturing and marketing of rebuilt products and EV scooter " SEEM " , management of the mobile phone DoCoMo shop and trades with Asia countries.

As the title of this web-site says, we respect our good relationships with every customer, every supplier, every member of the company, and every one of you. We'd like to be gentle and kind to the society in our business activities. Based on this philosophy we will think, act and try to develop our business together with you.

We sincerely ask for your constant support and patronage in the future as you have given us in the past.

Masahito Kuramoto
President & Representative Director
Kuramoto Co,. Ltd.

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